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Facing the south and being founded in 1693, Zhoukou Guanyu Temple had gone through several expanding reconstruction and repair for 159 years, and finally came into being in 1852.The whole temple has three yards and occupies an area of about 1600 square kilometers. At present, there are 140 corridor cabinets and halls in the temple.

With the rigorous layout, the magnificent sight, the splendid decoration and the exquisite workmanship, Guanyu Temple is an ancient building which imitates the royal palace. From the south to the north, Zhaobi (screen wall facing the gate of a house), the entrance, the  Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the iron flag pole, the play building, the Obeisance Palace and the Spring and Autumn Pavilion, is constructed in turn in the axle line of the whole building. The Medicine Palace and the Stove Palace on the left and the Wealth Palace and the Liquor Immortal Palace on the right stand in front of the yard. The Watching Building and the Side Building are located at the two sides of the center of the temple courtyard. Laojun Palace, Mawang Palace and The God of Plague Palace are in the east while the guest rooms for monks are in the west. In the temple, there are towering cypresses, quiet and beautiful environment, numerous stone tablets and beautiful palaces. It’s the biggest Guanyu Temple in Henan Province and the national key cultural preservation union.

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